Shadrack M. Ngene

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BACKGROUND This study investigates the ranging behavior of elephants in relation to precipitation-driven dynamics of vegetation. Movement data were acquired for five bachelors and five female family herds during three years in the Marsabit protected area in Kenya and changes in vegetation were mapped using MODIS normalized difference vegetation index time(More)
Efforts to curb elephant poaching have focused on reducing demand, confiscating ivory and boosting security patrols in elephant range. Where land is under multiple uses and ownership, determining the local poaching dynamics is important for identifying successful conservation models. Using 2,403 verified elephant, Loxodonta africana, mortality records(More)
Crop raiding by the elephants is a serious and recurring management problem around protected areas in Kenya such as Meru National Park. Crop-raiding menace is one of the most significant of human–elephant conflicts in Meru National Park. The distribution, impact, and conservation implications of the increased elephant crop raiding in areas adjacent to Meru(More)
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