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Women’s behaviour in public spaces and the influence of privacy as a cultural value: The case of Nablus, Palestine
The aim of this paper is to study how women’s privacy needs are met through the physical form of public spaces in both old and new urban designs, using as a case study the city of Nablus, Palestine,Expand
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Physical space, social behaviour and socioeconomic changes in traditional neighbourhoods: A case study of the traditional city of Nablus
Abstract This paper investigates the relationships among socioeconomic changes, physical space and social behaviour, particularly with respect to how they are simultaneously influenced by each otherExpand
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Stone Restoration Practice in Palestinian Territories
Abstract The aim of the research covered in this paper is to study the current practice applied to the repair of stonework in the historic buildings of Palestine, with a focus on this practice withinExpand
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Agricultural Watchtowers in Al-Tireh Quarter and ‘Ain Qinia Village, Ramallah, Palestine
Al-Tireh quarter and ‘Ain Qinia village on the fringes of the city of Ramallah, Palestine, contains a remarkable variety of watchtower structures that are still standing within their landscapeExpand
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Palestinian dry stone structures: an endogenous expression of cultural landscape
This paper aims to discuss the case of an existing architectural feature in the Palestinian environment: the Palestinian dry-stone structures within the larger framework of the historical developmentExpand
In-between Forgotten Spaces In Palestinian Cities: The Twin Cities Of Ramallah And Al-Bireh As A Case Study
Huge numbers of leftover and ignored spaces emerged in cities after the fast growth and urban development in the last decades that negatively affect the overall cities environment and the quality ofExpand
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The emergence of Al-Manarah Square as a new centre for the twin cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh
Al-Manarah Square in the twin cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Palestine, is one example of modern urbanisation in a Palestinian context. During the twentieth century, the area was transformed from aExpand
This paper suggests a methodological approach for reading and analyzing urban open spaces, based on the concept of behavioral setting, which deals with individuals and their behavior as a tool forExpand
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