Shadi Jawhar

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Multicast and MPLS are two complementary technologies.Merging these two technologies where multicast treesare constructed over MPLS networks will enhance performanceand present an efficient solution for multicast scalabilityand control overhead problems. In this paper1, wepresent a simulator for multicast routing over an MPLS networkwhere we choose PIM-SM(More)
–This paper describes the design and development of a novel controller for a non-linear power electronic converter. Neuro-Fuzzy controller is proposed to improve the performance of the buck &boost converters. The duty cycle of the buck & boost converters are controlled by Neuro-Fuzzy controller. The conventional PI controllers for such converters, designed(More)
When multicasting in optical networks is implemented within the switching control plane, it combines the efficiency of multicast tree along with high speed and low delay of optical communications. Multicast nodes must be equipped with light splitters. Light splitters are expensive equipment. Therefore, a limited number of optical nodes will have this(More)
Enhanced optical switches structure can now handle multicast routing in the optical layer. For an optical node to be able to do branching in the physical layer, it must be equipped with a light splitter. Light splitters are expensive equipment. A lot of work had been done in order to reduce the cost of implementing splitters within the network. Moreover,(More)
In this paper, a novel adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)-based control technique optimized by Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm for speed control of matrix converter (MC)-fed brushless direct current (BLDC) motor is presented. ANFIS is considered to be one of the most promising technologies for control of electrical drives fed by MC.(More)
To perform data multicasting in the optical layer, optical nodes must be equipped with light splitters. Light splitters can split one light wave to more than one node output. A lot of work had been done in order to enhance the structure of the light splitter in a way to reduce its cost and enhance its performance in terms of the power loss resulted of(More)
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