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Actors in the Audience: Theatricality and Doublespeak from Nero to Hadrian
When Nero took the stage, the audience played along - or else. The drama thus enacted, whether in the theatre proper or in the political arena, unfolds in all its complexity in "Actors in theExpand
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Decoding the Ancient Novel: The Reader and the Role of Description in Heliodorus and Achilles Tatius
Using a reader-oriented approach, Shadi Bartsch reconsiders the role of detailed descriptive accounts in the ancient Greek novels of Heliodorus and Achilles Tatius and in so doing offers a new viewExpand
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A New History of Classical Rhetoric
George A. Kennedy.A New History of Classical Rhetoric. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994. xii + 301 pp. $54.95 cloth; $19.95 paper. For scholars of rhetoric today, George A. Kennedy mightExpand
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Ideology in Cold Blood: A Reading of Lucan's Civil War
Is Lucan's epic "Civil War" an example of ideological poetry at its most flagrant, or is it a work that desparingly proclaims the meaninglessness of ideology? Shadi Bartsch offers an answer to thisExpand
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Introduction: Eight Ways of Looking at an Ekphrasis
Words about an image, itself often embedded in a larger text: ekphrasis today has become such an important element of scholarly approaches to the novel, to epic, to the Romantics, and even to genresExpand
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Seneca and Augustan Culture
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Seneca and the Self
Part I. Seneca and the Self: New Directions: 1. Introduction Shadi Bartsch and David Wray 2. Seneca on the self: why now? A. A. Long Part II. Philosophical Perspectives: 3. Seneca and self assertionExpand
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Erotikon: Essays on Eros, Ancient and Modern
"Erotikon" brings together leading contemporary intellectuals from a variety of fields for an expansive debate on the full meaning of "eros." Renowned scholars of philosophy, literature, classics,Expand
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