Shadi Aljawarneh

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Many e-learning tools are currently available for using in education. E-learning tools can provide training and education to large number of students with diverse cultural backgrounds and educational levels. However, e-learning could be failed in education when overestimating what e-learning can accomplish. Some people normally do not understand the(More)
The Cloud has become a significant topic in computing; however, the trend has established a new range of security issues that need to be addressed. In Cloud, the data and associated software are not under their control. In addition, with the growing demands for Cloud networks communication, it becomes increasingly important to secure the data flow path. The(More)
An Input validation can be a critical issue. Typically, a little attention is paid to it in a web development project, because overenthusiastic validation can tend to cause failures in the software, and can also break the security upon web applications such as an unauthorized access to data. Now, it is estimated the web application vulnerabilities (such as(More)
A Collection of 18 Scholarly Titles Recent advancements in cloud, grid, and high performance computing have transformed the way in which both individuals and organizations compute, communicate, and collaborate. includes 18 titles on a variety of topics related to grid and high performance computing, electronic services and service science, systems and(More)
The provision of web services is a real-time process, conducted in ad-hoc, 'off the cuff' manner. Consequently the verification of the data content and the identification of any authorized data interference or manipulation are not without problems. Some progress has been made in addressing the verification of server content integrity, but current solutions(More)
This paper proposes an efficient, Chi-Square-based, feature selection method for Arabic text classification. In Data Mining, feature selection is a preprocessing step that can improve the classification performance. Although few works have studied the effect of feature selection methods on Arabic text classification, limited number of methods was compared.(More)