Shadi Aljawarneh

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The Cloud has become a significant topic in computing; however, the trend has established a new range of security issues that need to be addressed. In Cloud, the data and associated software are not under their control. In addition, with the growing demands for Cloud networks communication, it becomes increasingly important to secure the data flow path. The(More)
An Input validation can be a critical issue. Typically, a little attention is paid to it in a web development project, because overenthusiastic validation can tend to cause failures in the software, and can also break the security upon web applications such as an unauthorized access to data. Now, it is estimated the web application vulnerabilities (such as(More)
The idea of e-Commerce is to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by information technology (such as digital communications, multimedia, internet, cell phones, teleconferences, etc.) and to improve the security of various organizations. In the article, the authors focus on securing all the contents of e-Commerce by proposing a public key(More)
Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) offer the organizations and users many benefits such as mobility, increased productivity and low cost of installation. This paper presents a proposal of deploying WLAN technology in hospitals. It starts with a brief review of the Health Level 7 (HL7), which is used to transfer medical records and data. In addition, a(More)
The largely distributed nature and growing demand for open source Cloud makes the infrastructure an ideal target for malicious attacks that grants unauthorized access to its data storage and posses a serious threat to Cloud software security. In case of any nefarious activity, the Cloud provenance information used by Digital Forensic experts to identify the(More)