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The infrastructure beneath a worldwide social network has to continually serve billions of variable-sized media objects such as photos, videos, and audio clips. These objects must be stored and served with low latency and high throughput by a system that is geo-distributed, highly scalable, and load-balanced. Existing file systems and object stores face(More)
During the past decade, machine learning has become extremely popular and can be found in many aspects of our every day life. Nowayadays with explosion of data while rapid growth of computation capacity, Distributed Deep Neural Networks (DDNNs) which can improve their performance linearly with more computation resources, have become hot and trending.(More)
Many in the networking community believe that Software-Defined Networking, in which entire networks are managed centrally, has the potential to revolutionize the field. However, SDN faces several challenges that have prevented its wide-spread adoption. Current SDN technologies, such as OpenFlow, provide powerful and flexible APIs, but can be unreasonably(More)
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