Shadan Khattak

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— We consider the problem of complexity reduction in Multiview Video Coding (MVC). We provide a unique comprehensive study that integrates and compares the different low complexity encoding techniques that have been proposed at different levels of the MVC system. In addition, we propose a novel complexity reduction method that takes advantage of the(More)
Multiview Video Coding (MVC) is a technique that permits efficient compression of multiview video. MVC uses variable block size motion and disparity estimation for block matching. This requires an exhaustive search process that involves all possible macroblock partition sizes. We analyze the time complexity of MVC and the methods that have been proposed to(More)
View synthesis prediction (VSP) is a coding mode that predicts video blocks from synthesised frames. It is particularly useful in a multi-camera setup with large inter-camera distances. Adding a VSP-based SKIP mode to a standard Multiview Video Coding (MVC) framework improves the rate-distortion (RD) performance but increases the time complexity of the(More)
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