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BACKGROUND Diarrhoea is a major health problem for children worldwide, accounting for 5-8 million deaths each year. Arque-Ajeeb (AA) is a compound formulation of Unani medicine. It is reputed for its beneficial effects in the treatment of diarrhoea and cholera, but the claim of its efficacy is yet to be tested. Therefore the present study has been planned(More)
Chronic treatment with Delphinium denudatum (Dd) (Jadwar) (family: Ranunculaceae, 200-1600 mg/kg) suppressed morphine withdrawal jumps in a dose-dependent manner, a sign of the development of dependence to opiate as assessed by naloxone (2 mg/kg) precipitation withdrawal on day 10 of testing in mice. Repeated administration of Dd (200-1600 mg/kg) for 9 days(More)
Substitution boxes are the indispensable part of block ciphering techniques such as AES, DES, IDEA, etc. It is important to design effective S-boxes in an efficient way. In this paper, a method to generate effective S-boxes is proposed. A new technique is suggested to produce the input S-boxes candidates. An initial S-box is obtained by sampling the(More)
BACKGROUND Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide, accounting for 13-27% of cases. Kohl-Chikni Dawa (KCD) is reputed for its beneficial effects in the treatment of premature cataracts. However, its efficacy is yet to be tested. To investigate the rationality of the therapeutic use of Kohl-Chikni Dawa (KCD) in Unani medicine. METHODS The(More)
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