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Vehicular ad-hoc network is an emerging technology that facilitates vehicles within the network range to communicate with one another or with the roadside infrastructure, sharing useful information. It is indispensable to ensure reliable and secure implementation of VANET. Authentication is one of the salient aspects of security, which ensures that the(More)
Vehicular ad hoc Networks (VANETs) are new upcoming technology providing appropriate communication to the vehicles as well as passengers with no fixed infrastructure. In today's life, maintaining the heavy traffic is very difficult that gives bad impact to roads safety and throughput of network. Researchers have done a lot of work in VANET, but still(More)
Mutual exclusion among the nodes waiting for critical resources is considered as one of the major area of research in MANET. Mutual Exclusion allows mobile nodes to share resources among them. Formation of quorum is required for delivery of data with common intermediate node in between them. While communication, data transmission between quorums, is carried(More)
Optimization is defined as finding the alternate solutions to a problem, under the given constraints. Maximizing the performance level is one of the objectives of optimization, which can be achieved by satisfying desirable factors and minimizing the undesirable ones. When a problem cannot be solved in polynomial time or consumes long time to solve, then(More)
In current era technology expending its arteries to each and every field and in computer world arteries are known as a network. So as the numbers of vehicles are increasing in road the number of problem are arising too. In Computer network a technology known as MANET is used for moving nodes which allow the user to communicate without wired network. For(More)
Along with the advancement in wireless communication and vehicle technology, while traveling, exchange of information, has become the most promising research field. Security is central to every major challenge, the mobility model faces nowadays. Proving the identity of one vehicle driver to another during communication, along with message sharing is the(More)
Cloud Computing is the emerging and prominent technology in IT world. Rather than setting up, the infrastructure, platform and services separately for each and every IT industry, are kept collaboratively, which can be accessed by numerous users, in turn reduces the cost of setup and maintenance. Numerous organizations access the services, use the(More)
Along with the advancement in the field of IT and Cloud Computing, load balancing has become the most promising research area. Under-utilization and Over-utilization of resources is the major concern, in cloud computing environment. The main goal of this research is to study various load balancing algorithms that are in use, now a days. Nature inspired(More)
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