Shabnam Iezadi

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BACKGROUND Considering governmental scrutiny and financial constraints in medicine, the need for improved performance, which can provide acceptable care for medical consumers, leads to the conduct of new managerial methods to improve effectiveness. AIMS This study aimed to compare performance indicators of obstetrics and gynaecology teaching hospitals in(More)
Pregnant women have a major role to play in assessing and improving their own quality of care. This study in Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran, aimed to assess the effectiveness of an intervention for pregnant women-based on education and support groups and involvement in quality assessment activities-in order to improve the technical quality of public(More)
BACKGROUND Reforming the structure and improving care and service system, particularly at hospitals, are the main priorities of the health system. The board of trustees of the hospitals is the main proposed strategy in this field. Hospitals with board of trustees were created with the aim of improving accountability to the community and guaranteeing(More)
INTRODUCTION This study was aimed to reach expert's expectations of neonatal transport system for developing neonatal transport system in Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a qualitative study conducted by using focus group discussion (FGD) to present expert's perspectives and expectancy about neonatal transport system. Participants was selected from all(More)
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