Shabnam Ataee

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Multimedia consumption over the Internet is emerging as one of the largest sink of network resources, making scalable and reliable streaming increasingly challenging. To address this challenge, we propose ReStream, an adaptive replication algorithm that relies on replication to achieve reliable and scalable streaming in resource-constrained environments.(More)
In high-speed network switches and routers, packet memories have to allow line-speed buffering of data packets. With today’s growing network line-rates, memory bandwidth is an essential constraint to build high-speed network buffers. In this paper, we propose a methodology for designing high-performance network-specific memories using slower lower-cost(More)
In this paper, we propose Scale Stream, a new algorithm to support scalable multimedia streaming in peer-to-peer networks, under strict resources constraints. With the growth of multimedia consumption over the Internet, achieving scalability in a resource-constrained environment is indeed becoming a critical requirement. Intuitively, our approach consists(More)
This paper introduces EAGLEMACAW, a replication-based protocol for streaming media content to consumers in P2P systems, in an efficient and reliable manner. To guarantee efficiency and reliability, EAGLEMACAW adaptively replicates media content in different peers while streaming to consumers. In addition, two distinct trees, named EAGLE TREE and MACAW TREE,(More)
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