Shabnam Asbaghi

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Automatic semantic propagation is an important technique to complete the image retrieval process which is provided to increase accuracy, speed and performance of image retrieval systems and also to decrease human expenses. In this paper, an automatic approach to propagate the semantics in the image data base is presented. The proposed approach provides a(More)
Nowadays, image retrieval systems, emphasize the combining of high level semantics and low level visual features in the image indexing process and of course the performance of such systems for image retrieval is increased with perfect semantic network. In this research, a dynamic high level semantic network in synonym sets of keywords is used and a dynamic(More)
Uncoordinated checkpointing protocol is a simple protocol used in many distributed systems for fault tolerance. In this paper, we discuss on the size of rollback it has in the presence of failures. In order to determining the recovery line in checkpoint-based recovery, we first study to common approaches: dependency graph and checkpoint graph and provide(More)
Content-based image retrieval and text-based image retrieval are two Fundamental approaches in the field of image retrieval. Recently, the researchers use the combining approaches and semiautomatic image retrieval, using the user interaction in the retrieval cycle. In this paper, an image retrieval approach is introduced that provides the retrieval process(More)
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