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Different methods are available for extracting NOx from different samples. A judicious combination of lead acetate, sodium hydroxide and magnesium chloride has been devised to enable extraction of NOx from different samples ensuring removal of potential interfering agents. The method provides over 95 per cent mean recovery with nearly 3 per cent accuracy(More)
Background: Seizure is one of the common causes of childhood hospitalization with significant morbidity and mortality. Objective of current study was to know the incidence and etiology of epilepsy and unprovoked seizures in children in the age group 1 month to 6 years in Kashmir India. Methods: A prospective hospital based study conducted from 1 July 2009(More)
Chromatographic separation of the ethyl acetate soluble part of the methanolic extract from Seriphidium stenocephalum yielded three new compounds: stenocepflavone (1), stenocepflavan (2), and stenocephol (3), together with cirsimaritin (4), 5,7,5'-trihydroxy-3',4',6-trimethoxyflavone (5), 5,6,7,5'-tetrahydroxy-4'-methoxyflavone (6), and axillaroside (7).(More)
Objective: This study was done to evaluate morbidity and mortality pattern amongst infant of diabetic mothers (IDMs). Material Methods: This study was conducted Prospectively at G. B. Pant Children hospital Srinagar between June 2014 to January 2015 which is tertiary care hospital and is associated hospital of Government Medical College Srinagar India. Data(More)
Background: Ajuga bracteosa and Viola odorata are frequently used by the native people of Swat-Pakistan for the curing of fever, malaria, cough, urinary and stomach disorders with slightly different practice of usage like raw powdered, extracts, decoction etc. Methods and Materials: Disc Diffusion Method was used for determination of antimicrobial(More)
Objective: This study was done to evaluate clinical profile of Henoch-schonlein purpura (HSP) in children in Kashmir. Material And Methods: This study was conducted from August 2010 to July 2011 at G. B Pant Children Hospital which is tertiary care hospital and is associated hospital of Government medical college Srinagar India. The study group included(More)
BACKGROUND Although the heterogeneous nature of asthma has prompted asthma phenotyping with physiological or biomarker data, these studies have been mostly cross-sectional. Longitudinal studies that assess the stability of phenotypes based on a combination of physiological, clinical and biomarker data are currently lacking. Our objective was to assess the(More)
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