Shabbir Amanullah

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BACKGROUND Suicide is expressly condemned in the Qu'ran, and traditionally few Islamic countries have reported suicide. Undetermined deaths are classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Other Violent Deaths (OVD) in ICD-9, or Other External Causes (OEC) in ICD-10. It has been suggested that to avoid under-reporting of suicides, both formal(More)
ADHD has a prevalence of approximately 10% in children with evidence supporting it's continuance into adulthood. This has a significant impact on how we address treatment at substance abuse facilities and also has implications for personal and occupational functioning. A lack of evidence to support the superiority of any one intervention over the other has(More)
Contexte: Les SCPD sont des manifestations inhérentes à l'évolution des différents types de démence. Ce symposium sur les SCPD est composé de trois présentations qui concer-nent différents aspects reliés à ces problématiques. Méthodes: Dans un premier temps, une revue des con-sidérations épidémiologiques, cliniques et thérapeutiques sera partagée. Les(More)
program provides the foundation for a vision, language, and approach to the care of older persons with increasingly complex physical and cognitive mental health needs and associated behavioural symptoms. This framework works in concert with the Brit-ish Columbia BPSD Algorithm and enhances the capacity of the interdisciplinary team to provide care, services(More)
syNthetic caNNabiNoids iN demeNtia with agitatioN: case studies aNd literature review abstract Objective: the management of agitation in dementia is a growing problem and conventional modes of intervention have limited efficacy. Synthetic Cannabinoids have been studied in other conditions like pain and multiple sclerosis. there is limited data available on(More)
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