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According to the developments in the businesses, organizations are dependent to information technology more than ever. Such dependency is followed by its own information security risk. On the other hand, the dependency of such organizations with information is also followed with the increase in information exchanges and electronic interactions. Specialists(More)
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are now widely accepted by developing countries as a critical tool in their efforts, so policy makers should develop ICT policies or e-policies in order to monitor and evaluate political, socio-economic and cultural impacts of ICT and also measure progress in the use of ICTs to achieve the development(More)
By emergence of machine computing in 1940s we have seen more and more changes in technologies and especially in the field of Information Technology. By the last decades of twentieth century, the historical focus on information has been turned on to the knowledge. Many researches, contributions, tools and techniques have been developed based on this new(More)
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