Shaan Gupta

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BACKGROUND Melanoma is one of the fastest-rising types of cancer in North American. Accumulating evidence suggests that anti-tumor immune tolerance plays a critical role in tumor development. METHODS B16 melanoma cells were injected into wild type and miR-17 overexpressing transgenic mice. Tumor growth was monitored and tumor bearing mice were sacrificed(More)
Delayed or impaired wound healing is a major public health issue worldwide, especially in patients with diabetes mellitus and vascular atherosclerosis. MicroRNAs have been identified as key regulators of wound healing. Here, we show that miR-Pirate378a transgenic mice (and thus have inhibited miR-378a-5p function) display enhanced wound healing. Expression(More)
Analysing tissue and gene function in intestinal organ culture. Ventilation of the very immature lung in utero induces injury and BPD-like changes in lung structure in fetal sheep. Maternal dietary supplementation with saturated, but not mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fatty acids leads to tissue specific inhibition of offspring Na/K ATPase.(More)
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