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Personality can be defined as a set of characteristics which makes a person unique. The study of personality is of central importance in psychology. Conventional personality assessment is performed by self-report inventory, which costs much manual efforts and cannot be done in real time. To solve these problems, this research aims to measure the Big-Five(More)
We demonstrate the critical need to identify social situation and instability factors by acquiring public social satisfaction in this research. However, subject to the large amount of manual work cost in subject recruitment and data processing, conventional self-reported method cannot be implemented in real time or applied in large scale investigation. To(More)
Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is a new emerging concept, in which the principal paradigm shifts from the traditional end-to-end connection to the information-centric communication model. In ICN, information unit, such as content or service, is distributed in different sites or data centers to provide large-scale services. A common supporting approach(More)
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