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Structural analysis of Pseudomonas syringae AvrPtoB bound to host BAK1 reveals two similar kinase-interacting domains in a type III Effector.
To infect plants, Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato delivers ~30 type III effector proteins into host cells, many of which interfere with PAMP-triggered immunity (PTI). One effector, AvrPtoB,Expand
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IFN-gamma-producing gamma delta T cells help control murine West Nile virus infection.
West Nile (WN) virus causes fatal meningoencephalitis in laboratory mice, thereby partially mimicking human disease. Using this model, we have demonstrated that mice deficient in gammadelta T cellsExpand
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RST Invariant Image Watermarking Algorithm With Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of the Watermarking Processes
A mathematical model is established to approximate the image based on the mixture generalized Gaussian distribution, which can facilitate the analysis of the watermarking processes mathematically. Expand
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Partial sequencing of the bottle gourd genome reveals markers useful for phylogenetic analysis and breeding
BackgroundBottle gourd [Lagenaria siceraria (Mol.) Standl.] is an important cucurbit crop worldwide. Archaeological research indicates that bottle gourd was domesticated more than 10,000 years ago,Expand
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Population genomic analyses from low-coverage RAD-Seq data: a case study on the non-model cucurbit bottle gourd.
  • P. Xu, S. Xu, +6 authors Guojing Li
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Plant journal : for cell and molecular…
  • 1 February 2014
Restriction site-associated DNA sequencing (RAD-Seq), a next-generation sequencing-based genome 'complexity reduction' protocol, has been useful in population genomics in species with a referenceExpand
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Putative Calcium Channels CchA and MidA Play the Important Roles in Conidiation, Hyphal Polarity and Cell Wall Components in Aspergillus nidulans
Although the high affinity Ca2+ channel, Cch1, and its subunit Mid1 have been investigated and evaluated in yeast and some of filamentous fungi, little is known about the function of their homologsExpand
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An Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Digital Watermarking
This paper presents a digital watermarking-based image quality evaluation method that can accurately estimate image quality in terms of the classical objective metrics, such as peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), weighted PSNR, and Watson JND, without the need for the original image. Expand
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Adaptive Watermarking and Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation
We propose a quality estimation method based on a novel semi-fragile and adaptive watermarking scheme. Expand
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The important role of actinin-like protein (AcnA) in cytokinesis and apical dominance of hyphal cells in Aspergillus nidulans.
The actin cytoskeleton is involved in many processes in eukaryotic cells, including interaction with a wide variety of actin-binding proteins such as the actin-capping proteins, the actin filamentExpand
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QTL mapping and epistatic interaction analysis in asparagus bean for several characterized and novel horticulturally important traits
BackgroundAsparagus bean (Vigna. unguiculata. ssp sesquipedalis) is a subspecies and special vegetable type of cowpea (Vigna. unguiculata L. Walp.) important in Asia. Genetic basis of horticulturallyExpand
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