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In this paper, a class of triple-band bandpass filters with two transmission poles in each passband is proposed using three pairs of degenerate modes in a ring resonator. In order to provide a physical insight into the resonance movements, the equivalent lumped circuits are firstly developed, where two transmission poles in the first and third passbands can(More)
In this paper, a class of dual-band ring-resonator bandpass filters is proposed based on a single ring resonator. As its most distinctive feature, two pairs of first- and second-order degenerate resonant modes in a ring resonator are simultaneously excited, resulting in a compact dual-mode dual-band bandpass filter with two transmission poles in both(More)
A stub-loaded dual-mode ring resonator is proposed to design a millimeter-wave bandpass filter using 0.18-μm CMOS Technology. By increasing the length of the open-circuited stub at the inner corner of the ring resonator, the even-mode resonant frequency is moved to a lower frequency to separate it from the odd-mode resonant frequency. Therefore, the(More)
A scaled transmission line method has been proposed to realize a class of size miniaturized and spurious-response suppressed wideband bandpass filters (BPFs). The mechanism is based on a dual-band BPF with its lower passband assigned as the primary passband and far away from the upper one. Therefore, the primary passband is always at a relatively small(More)
In this paper, a synthesis method by applying the Taylor series is proposed to design a variety of low-pass mixed lumped and distributed circuit networks, including the low-pass filters and low-passing impedance transformers. First, the principle of applying the Taylor polynomials for these mixed circuit networks is discussed. Herein, the trigonometric(More)
A new synthesis and design method for wideband bandpass filters has been proposed using the concept of generalized unit elements (GUEs). The synthesis starts with a lumped-element <italic>LC</italic> circuit, which is obtained by some well-known circuits and classic methods, such as the ladder-type circuit and the coupling matrix method. A GUE is an(More)
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