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Rats i.p. injected once with 10 mg/kg kainic acid exhibited clear seizure behavior (“wet-dog shakes,” rearing on the hindlimbs, and bilateral clonus). Pretreatment with L-arginine (L-Arg twice a day for 5 days) significantly decreased these manifestations. The medium dose of L-Arg (40 mg/kg) was found to be close to optimum; 10 and 160 mg/kg L-Arg provided(More)
Scorpion venom is a traditional antiepileptic medicine in Asia. We examined the effects of scorpion venom heat-resistant protein (SVHRP) on seizure behavior of rats with kainate-induced epilepsy and expression of proenkephalin (pENK) in their hippocampus. Subcutaneous injections of convulsive doses of kainic acid (KA, 10 mg/kg) evoked acute epileptic(More)
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