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A method for preparing the amino, alkoxy, and alkylsulfanyl derivatives of pyrano[4″,3″:4′,5′]pyrido-[3′,2′:4,5]thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidines based on 8-chloro-2,2-dimethyl-5-pyrrolidin-1-yl-1,4-dihydro-2H-pyrano[4″,3″:4′,5′]pyrido[3′,2′:4,5]thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine was developed. The anticonvulsant activity of the compounds synthesized here was investigated.
Amethod for synthesizing amino derivatives of cyclopenta[4′,5′]pyrido[3′,2′:4,5]thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine and pyrimido[4′,5′:4,5]thieno[2,3-c]isoquinoline from thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine derivatives was elaborated. The neurotropic activity of the synthesized compounds was studied.
New diamino derivatives of pyrano[3,4-c]pyridines were synthesized by the pyridine ring recyclization. The presence of the intramolecular hydrogen bond in 6-[(4-methoxyphenyl)amino]-3,3-dimethyl8-methylamino-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrano[3,4-c]pyridin-5-carbonitrile was identified by X-ray diffraction. A pharmacological study of the synthesized compounds was(More)
A method based on condensed 4-cyanopyridinethiones using O-tosylhydroxylamine as the aminating agent was developed for preparing tosylates of N-amino-derivatives of pyrano[3,4-c]pyridines; 5,6,7,8-tetrahydroisoquinolines; and cyclopenta[c]pyridines. The antibacterial activity of the synthesized compounds was assessed.
2,4-Disubstituted pyrano[4',3':4,5]pyrido[2,3-b]thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine derivatives were synthesized. Their pharmacological properties were investigated using subcutaneous metrazol test and the open field test. The rotarod performance test was used to evaluate neurotoxicity. The novel compounds were found to have neurotropic properties. The compounds as(More)
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