Sh. Rezapour

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Intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces have been defined by J.H. Park ([5]). Although topological structure of an intuitionistic fuzzy metric space (X, M, N, ∗,♦) coincides with the topological structure of the fuzzy metric space (X, M, ∗) ([2]), study of common fixed theory in intuitionistic fuzzy metric (and normed) spaces is interesting. We shall give some(More)
In 2009, Ilić and Rakoc̆ević proved that quasi-contraction maps on normal cone metric spaces have a unique fixed point (Ilić and Rakoc̆ević, 2009 [6]). Then, Kadelburg, Radenović and Rakoc̆ević generalized their results by considering an additional assumption (Kadelburg et al., 2009 [7]). Also, they proved that quasi-contraction maps on cone metric spaces(More)
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