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Abderaz The composition of the essential oil obtained from the seeds of Ammi majus L. which collected from province of Khozestan in the southwest area of Iran.The oils was analyzed by gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Twenty eight components have been identified in the extract of A. majus L. with Toluene (3.766%), Thymol (12.811%), Carvacrol(More)
Two methods for the simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid (Asc) and L-cysteine (Cys) from kinetic spectrophotometric data are described and compared. The first is the two-rate method (TRM), and the second, the differential kinetic method (DKM). Present in an excess amount, iron(III) is quantitatively reduced by Asc or Cys to iron(II) that, in turn,(More)
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