Sh.-Hussain Salleh

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— Auditory brainstem response (ABR) audiometry is well known tools for detection of hearing loss. It is a neurologic test of ABR in response to the stimuli such as click sound, tone burst or chirp. The non-invasive electrodes are used to obtain the ABR signals. In ABR, wave V of the ABR signals is used as indicator of hearing loss because it is the most(More)
The purpose of this study was to construct a stability study of nanoemulsion-based hydrogel formulation and evaluate the profile of the formulation that exhibits the best stability. Olive oil was chosen as oil phase of nanoemulsion due to its superiority as an emollient and it has good skin permeation capability. In this study, a series of nanoemulsion(More)
In this present study, the palm oil nanoemulsion hydrogels were formulated and stability of palm oil nanoemulsion hydrogels were investigated. The nanoemulsion hydrogel formulations that passed through droplet size test were characterized for viscoelastic behaviour. The best formulation was the one with composition of 10% palm oil (5:1 PO:L1695), 4.67%(More)
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