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AIM To study effects of alpha-toxin (AT) Staphylococcus aureus on human platelets and endothelial cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS Concentrations of intracellular calcium in human platelets and endothelial cells were estimated by fluorescence, phosphoinositide metabolism in the endothelial cells was studied using 3H-myoinositole. RESULTS AT induced a(More)
A programme is presented for the calculation of parameters reflecting pump and contractile functions of the left ventricular myocardium on Soviet-made microcomputer B3-34. The programme makes it possible to intensify studies 2.5-3-fold, assess hemodynamics many times at different stages of the investigation, obtain results and promptly give practical(More)
Clonidine-treated patients with essential hypertension demonstrated reliable positive correlations between echocardiographically determined signs of myocardial hypertrophy (thickness of left ventricular posterior wall and interventricular septum, left ventricular myocardial mass) and hormone-dependent increase in thrombocyte calcium concentration induced by(More)
A study of high-frequency jet ventilation (HFJV) has been conducted on the lung model IS-800. Considerable changes in the tidal volume (TV) have been observed during HFJV with frequency of respiration (f) 60 and 100 min-1, which ensures non-monotonous respiration. Constant fluctuations of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), maximum tracheal inspiratory(More)
An attempt is made to demonstrate a relationship between changes in arterial blood pressure and sex steroids, gonadotrophins and mineralocorticoids in 30- to 55-year-old females with essential hypertension, employed in textile industry in Cheboksary. Climacteric and menopausal patterns of sex steroid and gonadotrophin secretion are discussed. A definite(More)
Verapamil produced dose-dependent inhibition of ADP- and TAF-induced increase in thrombocyte calcium concentration in hypertensive patients. Sensitivity to verapamil tested by EC50-half-maximal inhibition of responses to hormones can be weakened in vitro by adrenalin and strengthened by papaverin. Thrombocytes of hypertensive patients were individually(More)