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Polymerization of Actin from Maize Pollen
Here we describe the in vitro polymerization of actin from maize (Zea mays) pollen. The purified actin from maize pollen reported in our previous paper (X. Liu, L.F. Yen [1992] Plant Physiol 99:Expand
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NMR and UV spectroscopic characterization on the solution behavior of heterotrinuclear transition-metal complexes [(Fe2MO)-M-II-O-I(OOC2H5)(6)L-3] (M = Co, Ni, Mn; L = C5H5N, H2O)
A series of new heterotrinuclear transition metal complexes 〔Fe 2 ⅢM ⅡO(OOCC 2H 5) 6L 3〕 (M = Co, Ni, Mn; L = C 5H 5N, H 2O) were synthesized and characterized. Their structures and dynamics inExpand
The investigation on the band structures of the anions of Mo2S4(i-mnt)(2)(Et4N)(2) and (Et4N)(3)K[Mo2S4(i-mnt)(2)](2)[i-mnt=S2C(CN)(2-)] complexes
The anions of complexes Mo2S4(i - mnt)2(Et4N)2 and (Et4N)3K[Mo2S4(i - mnt)2]2[i - mnt = S2C(CN)2-] form special chains in the crystals. In this paper, their band structures have been studied by usingExpand
Interactions between Bioactive Diperoxovanadate Complexes and Imidazole: Insights into Their Solution Structures by NMR and ESI-MS
The interactions between four high bioactive diperoxovanadate complexes Kn[OV(O2)2L]mH2O (n = 1~3, m = 1~5, L = oxalate (abbr. oxa), picolinate (abbr. pic), bipyridine (abbr. bipy) andExpand
H-1 NMR study on the products of the catalytic reduction of ethyne by nitrogenase in D2O
The products of the catalytic reduction ethyne by nitrogenase in D2O were studied by 1H NMR. In order to assign the H NMR spectrum, the theoretical spectra of C2H2D2 were calculated using groupExpand