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BACKGROUND Mesh repair of the anterior abdominal wall hernias is a popular technique and commonly accepted among the majority of surgeons. The technique used most frequently today is the free tension technique. It is uncertain whether antibiotic prophylaxis is necessary to prevent post operative wound infection, especially when a foreign body like a(More)
BACKGROUND Gallbladder cancer is a rare neoplasm associated with high mortality and poor prognosis. It is usually correlated with cholelithiasis and presents more commonly in elderly and female patients. Diagnosis is seldom made preoperatively because of the indolent progression of the tumor. METHODS The hospitalization and surgical records of our(More)
INTRODUCTION Pilonidal disease is a very common anorectal problem without a clinical consensus on its optimal management. OBJECTIVE To compare the methods used by our clinic and determine the outcomes in relation to healing, hospitalization time and recurrence. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have studied all the cases of patients with pilonidal sinus that(More)
Local anesthetics, because of their ability to cause a reversible blockade in transmission of impulses along the central and peripheral neural pathways are used to induce analgesia. In laparoscopic surgery procedures, the reduction of postoperative pain is one of the biggest benefits compared with open surgery. However, the pain is not completely absent(More)
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