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This study investigates the feasibility of using surface ECG recordings to assess stability of cardiac propagation. Our novel method customizes a reaction-diffusion model of cardiac excitation using measurements of patient's repolarization dynamics. The customized model determines the stability-of-propagation reserve (SoPR) that measures the proximity of(More)
Measuring cardiac action potentials at many sites within the ventricular wall is important for understanding cardiac arrhythmias; however, recording in the depth of the heart wall presents many difficulties. We have developed a multichannel optical mapping system for recording cardiac action potentials transmurally. Each channel uses a single small-diameter(More)
Novel methods need to be developed to detect electrical instability in children. The dynamical properties of action potential restitution play an important role in the development of instability leading to arrhythmias. A new method, the Restitution Portrait (RP), was developed to visualize and quantify these properties at the action potential level. Here,(More)
images are superimposed on B-mode images with a translucent color scale. In the clinical measurement, elasticity images for breast and prostate cancer were obtained from more than 50 subjects, respectively. Some results showed the high availability of the elasticity image, that is, visualization of the expansion area of a tumor and detection of a small size(More)
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