Sezi Çevik Onar

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Strategic decisions such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures have a strong effect on firm performance. In order to be successful in highly competitive environments firms have to make right and on time strategic decisions. However, the nature of making the right strategic decision is complex and unstructured since there are many factors affecting(More)
E-service evaluation is a complex problem in which many qualitative attributes must be considered. These kinds of attributes make the evaluation process hard and vague. Cost–benefit analyses applied to various areas are usually based on the data under certainty or risk. In case of uncertain, vague, and/or linguistic data, the fuzzy set theory can be used to(More)
Decision on alternative-fuel vehicles is one of the most important problems for fleet operations. In this paper we propose a hierarchical hesitant fuzzy linguistic model that captures hesitant linguistic evaluations of multiple experts on multiple criteria for alternative-fuel vehicles. We apply the proposed model on the alternative-fuel vehicle selection(More)