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This paper presents a hybrid method for face detection in color images. The well known Haar feature-based face detector developed by Viola and Jones (VJ), that has been designed for gray-scale images is combined with a skin-color filter, which provides complementary information in color images. The image is first passed through a Haar-Feature based face(More)
Face landmarking, defined as the detection and localization of certain characteristic points on the face, is an important intermediary step for many subsequent face processing operations that range from biometric recognition to the understanding of mental states. Despite its conceptual simplicity, this computer vision problem has proven extremely(More)
We present a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) fitting method for estimating the unknown neutral face shape for frontal facial expression recognition using geometrical features. Subtracting the estimated neutral face, which is related to the identity-specific component of the shape leaves us with the component related to the variations resulting from facial(More)
The aim of this study is monophonic-polyphonic wheeze episode discrimination rather than the conventional wheeze (versus non-wheeze) episode detection. We used two different methods for feature extraction to discriminate monophonic and polyphonic wheeze episodes. One of the methods is based on frequency analysis and the other is based on time analysis.(More)
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