Seyyed Saeed Sarfjoo

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Statistical speech synthesis (SSS) systems have the ability to adapt to a target speaker with a couple of minutes of adaptation data. Developing adaptation algorithms to further reduce the number of adaptation utterances to a few seconds of data can have substantial effect on the deployment of the technology in real-life applications such as consumer(More)
Cross-lingual speaker adaptation for speech synthesis has many applications, such as use in speech-to-speech translation systems. Here, we focus on cross-lingual adaptation for statistical speech synthesis systems using limited adaptation data. To that end, we propose two eigenvoice adaptation approaches exploiting a bilingual Turkish-English speech(More)
—In recent years identity-vector (i-vector) based speaker verification (SV) systems have become very successful. Nevertheless, environmental noise and speech duration variability still have a significant effect on degrading the performance of these systems. In many real-life applications, duration of recordings are very short; as a result, extracted(More)
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