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Theory and Practice in Language Studies
This study focuses on the problems in teaching tenses to Turkish students at university level in Turkey. Some of the problematic and confusing tenses such as Past Simple and Present Perfect Tense,Expand
Pictures Speak Louder than Words in ESP, Too!.
While integrating visual features can be among the most important characteristics of English language textbooks, reviewing the current locally-produced English for Specific Purposes (ESP) onesExpand
The Rationale for Introducing “Global Issues” in English Textbook Development
Today, global issues (GI), known as a well-established branch of language teaching field in general and English language teaching in particular, has gained increasing interest among the teachingExpand
A Critical Evaluation of PNU ESP Textbooks
Having paramount importance in any ESP classroom, textbooks are known as one of the most visible parts of any ESP teaching program. Playing a crucial role, especially in societies where English isExpand
Deepening ESP Reading Comprehension through Visualization
Teaching through visualization or in Tomlinson's (1998) terms "the ability to build mental pictures or images while reading" is known as an efficient strategy in language learning. Thus, thisExpand
Integrating Task-based Instruction as an Alternative Approach in Teaching Reading Comprehension in English for Special Purposes:
Burns, A. (2009). Doing Action Research in English Language Teaching: A Guide for Practitioners, Routledge. Crookes, G. (1993). Action Research for Second Language Instructors: Going beyondExpand
A Survey on the Iranian ELT Community's Attitudes to Critical Pedagogy.
Critical pedagogy (CP) as one of the most radical changes in English language teaching (ELT) has turned into a common theme of research and discussion in recent years. Despite its practicalExpand
The Application of Organizers as an Efficient Technique in ESP Textbooks Development
This paper is an attempt to present the advantages of using graphic organizers as an advantageous technique in developing ESP textbooks as well as to report the personal observations and experiences of the researchers in teaching ESP through graphic organizers and to give some useful recommendations to ESP teachers, textbooks designers and materials developers to resort to this efficient technique. Expand
Global Issues in English Textbooks: From Initial Attitude to Final Effect
An attempt to survey the attitudes of Iranian university students toward the inclusion of global issues in their textbooks as well as to study the effect of such a book on their awareness and attitude. Expand