Seyyed M. Shah

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One of Area of Artificial Intelligence is used to optimize combinatorial problem. Many combinatorial problems like Travelling Salesman, Network Graph problem are optimize by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Searching Methods. One of Searching method of AI is Genetic Algorithm. In Genetic Algorithm parent selection for next generation is very important because(More)
Wireless Ad hoc network become an emerging research area among researchers due to their flexibility and independence of network infrastructures. Ad hoc Networks are very useful in emergency search-and rescue operations, meetings or conventions in which persons wish to quickly share information, and data acquisition operations in inhospitable terrain. Also,(More)
Disasters cause widespread harm and disrupt the normal functioning of society, and effective management requires the participation and cooperation of many actors. While advances in information and networking technology have made transmission of data easier than it ever has been before, communication and coordination of activities between actors remain(More)
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