Seyun Kim

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Social TV is defined as real-time backchannel communication on social networking sites (SNSs) during a live television broadcast. Despite some pessimistic forecasts concerning the impact of social TV on viewing behaviors, broadcasters have found that the social TV phenomenon plays a positive role in boosting television ratings. We examine whether television(More)
This paper presents a new lossless color image compression algorithm, based on the hierarchical prediction and context-adaptive arithmetic coding. For the lossless compression of an RGB image, it is first decorrelated by a reversible color transform and then Y component is encoded by a conventional lossless grayscale image compression method. For encoding(More)
The Bayesian network, a powerful tool for predicting and diagnosing uncertain phenomena, is used in various fields including artificial intelligence, business administration, and medical science. We use a statistical approach, and present a simple algorithm for learning Bayesian network structure from data. First we obtain from data the original correlation(More)
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