Seymour Cohen

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Since the experimental data have already been discussed at some length, it is here necessary only to review those observations which appear to be of most significance. The manifestations of the disease we have produced in monkeys have in general been similar to those described by previous workers. It has been found that members of the species M. mulatta are(More)
The authors describe an intensive week-long introduction to hospital-based medical practice for foreign medical graduates (FMGs) entering an internal medicine residency program. The intensive orientation helps the FMGs function more effectively in the American hospital environment and reduces the frequency of personal and professional adjustment problems.(More)
Cocaine is a powerful euphoriant and it relieves, though only transiently, depression, dread and dysphoria. New patterns of cocaine abuse, such as the inhalation of vaporized cocaine base, the intravenous injection of cocaine hydrochloride and the smoking of coca paste, produce a brief elation that quickly gives way either to a return to the baseline mood(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore how rigid and flexible bronchoscopy are used in pediatric otolaryngologic practice. DESIGN Survey. PARTICIPANTS Members of the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology who practice in the United States and Canada and were listed in the membership directory were eligible. Of the 206 members, 24 practicing outside the United(More)
1. A specific antibody, demonstrable by the technique of complement fixation, regularly appears, or increases in concentration, in the sera of human beings during an attack of mumps or during convalescence. 2. Specific dermal hypersensitivity, demonstrable by the injection of heat-inactivated mumps virus, has been shown to develop in 6 human beings after(More)
Gamma globulin was demonstrated by immunocytochemical fluorescence technique in many reticuloendothelial cells of the hepatic sinusoids and of the fibrous tracts in various forms of hepatitis and in postnecrotic cirrhosis. In other liver diseases and in normal livers, even in the presence of hypergammaglobulinemia, few if any gamma globulin-containing cells(More)
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