Seyit Ahmet Akdağ

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Turkey has remarkable wind energy potential, but its utilisation rate is very low. However, in 2007, energy investors applied to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) with 751 wind projects to obtain a 78180.2 MW wind power plant license. This paper first presents an overview of wind energy development in the world and then reviews related(More)
Generally, hourly measured source and load data are used to size stand-alone hybrid energy system. However, the power generated by wind turbines and PV panels change rapidly because of the continuous fluctuation of wind speed and solar radiation. Therefore, these fluctuations must be considered in sizing stand-alone hybrid energy system. On the other and,(More)
Wind speed profile in the atmospheric layer is critical factor for wind turbine capacity factor estimation. Prior to the installation of wind farm, it is essential to estimate expected energy output in order to assess the economic viability of the project. Wind speeds measurements are generally carried out at 10 or 30 m whereas most turbines in commercial(More)
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