Seyedmahdad Mirsamadi

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Room reverberation is a primary cause of failure in distant speech recognition (DSR) systems. In this study, we present a multichannel spectrum enhancement method for reverberant speech recognition, which is an extension of a single-channel dereverberation algorithm based on convolutive nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF). The generalization to a(More)
Even though deep neural network acoustic models provide an increased degree of robustness in automatic speech recognition, there is still a large performance drop in the task of far-field speech recognition in reverberant and noisy environments. In this study, we explore DNN adaptation techniques to achieve improved robustness to environmental mismatch for(More)
Room reverberation and environmental noise present challenges for integration of speech recognition technology in smart room applications. We present a multichannel enhancement framework for distributed microphone arrays to mitigate the effects of both additive noise and reverberation on distant-talking microphones. The proposed approach uses techniques of(More)
Multichannel blind deconvolution (MCBD) algorithms are known to suffer from an extensive computational complexity problem, which makes them impractical for blind source separation (BSS) of speech and audio signals. This problem is even more serious with noncausal MCBD algorithms that must be used in many frequently occurring BSS setups. In this paper, we(More)
Automatic emotion recognition from speech is a challenging task which relies heavily on the effectiveness of the speech features used for classification. In this work, we study the use of deep learning to automatically discover emotionally relevant features from speech. It is shown that using a deep recurrent neural network, we can learn both the short-time(More)
Automatic speech recognition ASR using distant far-field microphones is a challenging task, in which room reverberation is one of the primary causes of performance degradation. This study proposes a multichannel spectral enhancement method for reverberation-robust ASR using distributed microphones. The proposed method uses the techniques of nonnegative(More)
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