Seyedkoosha Mirhosseini

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We present the results of a variable information space experiment, targeted at exploring the scalability limits of immersive highresolution, tiled-display walls under physical navigation. Our work is motivated by a lack of evidence supporting the extension of previously established benefits on substantially large, room-shaped displays. Using the Reality(More)
Virtual colonoscopy (VC) allows a user to virtually navigate within a reconstructed 3D colon model searching for colorectal polyps. Though VC is widely recognized as a highly sensitive and specific test for identifying polyps, one limitation is the reading time, which can take on average 30 minutes per patient. Large amounts of the colon are often devoid of(More)
With the rapid development and wide-spread availability of handheld market-level 3D scanner, character modeling has recently gained focus in both academia and industry. Virtual shopping applications have been widely-used in e-business. We present our parameter-based human avatar generation system and ongoing work on expanding the virtual shopping to the(More)
We present a medical crowdsourcing visual analytics platform called C2A to visualize, classify and filter crowdsourced clinical data. More specifically, C2A is used to build consensus on a clinical diagnosis by visualizing crowd responses and filtering out anomalous activity. Crowdsourcing medical applications have recently shown promise where the(More)
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