Seyedkoosha Mirhosseini

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With the rapid development and widespread availability of hand-held market-level 3D scanner, character modeling has recently gained focus in both academia and industry. Virtual shopping applications have been widely-used in e-business. We present our parameter-based human avatar generation system and ongoing work on expanding the virtual shopping to the(More)
Figure 1: The C 2 A system includes (A) Timeline Filtering View for selecting datasets within a specified time interval, (B) Aggregated Textual Information for displaying a textual summary of the crowd statistics and application specific performance, (C) Similarity View for displaying the overlap and Euclidean distance metric of the crowd demographics and(More)
Virtual colonoscopy (VC) allows a user to virtually navigate within a reconstructed 3D colon model searching for colorectal polyps. Though VC is widely recognized as a highly sensitive and specific test for identifying polyps, one limitation is the reading time, which can take on average 30 minutes per patient. Large amounts of the colon are often devoid of(More)
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