Seyede Mahya Hazavei

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Used in a wide variety of transform based statistical image processing techniques, the hidden Markov tree (HMT) model with Gaussian mixtures is typically employed to capture the intra-scale and inter-scale dependencies between the magnitudes of the transform coefficients. But, the conventional model does not consider the signs of the transform coefficients.(More)
The main goals of denoising are to improve the signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) and to preserve the informative features such as edges and textures. Aiming at reducing Gibbs-type artifacts, several researchers have combined wavelet-like transforms such as curvelets with total variation or diffusion methods. In this paper, a ripplet formulation of the total(More)
During the last decades, denoising methods have attracted much attention of researchers. The conventional method for removing the Moire' pattern from images is using notch filters in the Frequency-domain. In this paper a new method is proposed that can achieve a better performance in comparison with the traditional method. Median filter is used in some part(More)
The bilateral filter is a useful nonlinear filter which without smoothing edges, it does spatial averaging. In the literature, the effectiveness of this method for image denoising is shown. In this paper, an extension of this method is proposed which is based on complex wavelet transform. In fact, the bilateral filtering is applied to the low-frequency(More)
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