Seyedali Hosseininezhad

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The technology, security and privacy requirements of the electric vehicle (EV) in the smart grid (SG) context, especially when the EV acts as mobile power storage, have gained much attention from the research community and market recently. This role of the EV is motivated by the increase in capacity of the power storages in the EV. In this paper, first we(More)
We propose a message dissemination algorithm for location-aware services in vehicular networks. The objective is to reduce information delivery time in intermittently connected urban vehicular networks by using historical mobility information of vehicles. Roads are divided based on observed traffic density into dense and sparse paths and vehicles share(More)
The concept of Electric Vehicle as Power Energy Storage has gained much attention from the research community and market recently. The increasing capacity of the power storages in the electric vehicles (EV) motivates this concept and makes it more feasible. However, the privacy of the customers can be compromised by tracing the stations that an EV has been(More)
Effective context-aware broadcasting of information to the areas of interest (AoI) is a challenging problem in vehicular ad-hoc networks. It is usually assumed that the information about these AoI are a priori known, either by a centralized source of information or by the entire set of vehicles. In this paper, we propose a self-adaptive broadcast scheme(More)
Heterogeneous wireless networks are capable of providing customers with better services while service providers can offer more applications to more customers with lower costs. Many services require the support of location management functions, which still need further innovations to become viable in multi-hop vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs). High(More)
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