Seyed Ziaeddin Alborzi

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With the growing number of protein structures in the protein data bank (PDB), there is a need to annotate these structures at the domain level in order to relate protein structure to protein function. Thanks to the SIFTS database, many PDB chains are now cross-referenced with Pfam domains and enzyme commission (EC) numbers. However, these annotations do not(More)
While the number of solved 3D protein structures continues to grow rapidly, the structural rules that distinguish protein-protein interactions between different structural families are still not clear. Here, we classify and analyse the secondary structural features and promiscuity of a comprehensive non-redundant set of domain family binding sites (DFBSs)(More)
Many entries in the protein data bank (PDB) are annotated to show their component protein domains according to the Pfam classification, as well as their biological function through the enzyme commission (EC) numbering scheme. However, despite the fact that the biological activity of many proteins often arises from specific domain-domain and domain-ligand(More)
Understanding protein function is one of the keys to understanding life at the molecular level. It is also important in several scenarios including human disease and drug discovery (1). In this age of rapid and affordable biological sequencing, the number of sequences accumulating in databases is rising with an increasing rate (2). This presents many(More)
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