Seyed Roholah Ghodsi

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This paper introduces a new parallel algorithm based on the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization method. This parallel algorithm can find almost exact solutions of tridiagonal linear systems of equations in an efficient way. The system of equations is partitioned proportional to number of processors, and each partition is solved by a processor with a minimum(More)
The linear system of equations with dense coefficient matrix is very common in science and engineering. In this paper, a parallel algorithm based on Gram-Schmidt QR factorization method for the exact solution of dense system of linear equations is presented. Although several parallel approaches have been proposed to solve the system of linear equations(More)
BACKGROUND Early diagnosis and treatment of aneurysm plays an important role in reducing the mortality risk of rupture. The aneurysm is a complex phenomenon and caused by different reasons, such as arteriosclerosis and heredity. In addition, pressure and Wall Shear Stress are two known factors influencing the establishment of an aneurysm. The aim of this(More)
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