Seyed Morteza Hosseyni

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In order to test whether hyperlipidaemia and glycaemic control can be improved among diabetes patients by dietary supplementation with purified omega-3 fatty acids, we carried out a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on 50 type 2 diabetes patients randomized to 2 g/day purified omega-3 fatty acids or placebo for 10 weeks. Fasting triglycerides decreased(More)
Mycophenolic acid “MPA” is a secondary metabolite of Penicillium bervicompactum with antibiotic and immunosuppressive properties. In this study, fermentation process was established for production of mycophenolic acid by Penicillium bervicompactum MUCL 19011 in shake flask. The maximum MPA production, product yield and productivity were 1.379 g/L, 18.6 mg/g(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a systemic metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia, hyperlipedemia, hyperaminoacidemia, and hypoinsulinaemia it leads to decrease in both insulin secretion and insulin action, along with varying degrees of peripheral resistance to the action of insulin. The long-term effects of impaired glucose regulation can lead to permanent(More)
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