Seyed Mohammad Hossein Nabavi

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Applications of distributed generation (DG) units is increasing in modern power systems and smart grids. An important issue with DGs is their optimal location and sizing within the distribution system. In this paper, a particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) is proposed for optimal placement and sizing of DG units in order to reduce network congestion(More)
Series FACTS devices such as TCSC, with its ability to directly control the power flow can be very effective to improve the operation of transmission network In this paper, a corrective solution for congestion management by using TCSC has been reviewed. A genetic algorithm for finding the optimal location and size of this device is proposed for congestion(More)
Social welfare maximization in a double-sided auction market is performed by implementing an aggregation-based particle swarm optimization (CAPSO) algorithm for optimal placement and sizing of one Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) device. Dallied simulation results (without/with line flow constraints and without/with SSSC) are generated to(More)
Difficulty of making a balance between exploration and exploitation in multiagent environment is a dilemma that does not have a clear answer and there are still different methods for investigation of this problem that all refer to it. In this paper, we provide a method based on fuzzy variables for making exploration and exploitation in multiagent(More)
An important issue in large power markets is the optimization of total transmission capacity (TTC). This paper presents a genetic approach for the placement of one Thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) in deregulated power systems to increase TTC and improve the voltage stability. Detailed analysis is presented for multi-machine networks with(More)
Pricing has turned into a highly significant matter for suppliers and their customers since deregulation has been realized in the electrical industry and many countries have revised the structure of their electrical energy market by defining different competition levels in generation, transmission and distribution. In the current paper, a proposed algorithm(More)
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