Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hasheminejad

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Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO) is a relatively recent technique for solving combinatorial optimization problems. CPSO has been used in different applications, e.g., partitional clustering and project scheduling problems, and it has shown a very good performance. In partitional clustering problem, CPSO needs to determine the number of(More)
Over the last few years, a large number of security patterns have been published. However, this large number of patterns led to a problem in selecting appropriate patterns for different security requirements. In this paper, we present an automatic selection approach for security patterns. We use text processing approach and learning techniques to select(More)
Nowadays, software designers attempt to employ design patterns in software design phase, but design patterns may be not used in the implementation phase. Therefore, one of the challenging issues is conformance checking of source code and design, i.e., design patterns. In addition, after developing a system, usually its documents are not maintained, so,(More)
The selection of software architecture style is an important decision of design stage, and has a significant impact on various system quality attributes. To determine software architecture based on architectural style selection, the software functionalities have to be distributed among the components of software architecture. In this paper, a method based(More)
Identifying software components is a crucial task in software development. There are a number of methods to identify components in the literature; however, the majority of these methods rely on clustering techniques with expert judgment. In contrast to the previous methods, which have used classical clustering techniques, this paper maps the components(More)
As a threat for transportation system, traffic crashes have a wide range of social consequences for governments. Traffic crashes are increasing in developing countries and Iran as a developing country is not immune from this risk. There are several researches in the literature to predict traffic crash severity based on artificial neural networks (ANNs),(More)
Context: Identifying suitable components during the software design phase is an important way to obtain more maintainable software. Many methods including Graph Partitioning, Clustering-based, CRUD-based, and FCAbased methods have been proposed to identify components at an early stage of software design. However, most of these methods use classical(More)
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