Seyed Mohammad Ali Tabatabaei

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine the predictive value of flash visual-evoked potentials (VEP), relative afferent pupillary defect, and presence of orbital fractures in patients with traumatic optic neuropathy. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in 15 patients with indirect traumatic optic neuropathy. All patients underwent a(More)
AIM To report the frequency, associated risk factors and characteristics of cases referred to Farabi Eye Hospital with ocular superglue injuries. METHODS In a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted between December 2012 and February 2013, patients with ocular superglue injuries were evaluated. Age, sex, educational level, location, time, mechanism,(More)
Spontaneous wound separation may be developed even months after suture removal especially in the context of long-term corticosteroid therapy. A 68-year-old Caucasian woman presented to our cornea clinic with spontaneous wound dehiscence after her third penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) which was performed three years ago. An Ahmed glaucoma valve (New World(More)
Gout, a medical condition of acute inflammatory joint disorders, has been recognized from the antiquity. However, the name of Rhazes, a Persian historic physician who has described the etiology, signs, symptoms, epidemiology, treatment and prevention of this malady more than a thousand year ago, hasn't been taken into consideration appropriately. In this(More)
AIM To evaluate demographic variables and visual outcomes, among patients with ocular injuries involving the posterior segment, managed with pars plana vitrectomy. METHODS The records of patients were studied retrospectively from March to September 2010, to determine the age, gender, place of occurrence of trauma, visual acuity, anatomical site, nature of(More)
BACKGROUND Closantel is a halogenated salicylanilide with a potent anti parasitic activity. It is widely used in management of parasitic infestation in animals, but is contraindicated in humans. CASE PRESENTATION A 34-year-old man with depression was referred to our center with progressive loss of vision in both eyes 10 days after unintentional ingestion(More)
PURPOSE To report 2 cases of Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon, a rare histopathologic observation, as a late clinical finding in vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC). METHODS We report the cases of 2 young women with subconjunctival nodules as a manifestation of Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon with a history of severe VKC. RESULTS After eliminating other(More)
PURPOSE To report the results of a selective localized tenonplasty procedure based on findings of ocular surface fluorescein angiography (FA). METHODS Six consecutive patients with severe chemical burns were included in this study. Using fluorescein angiogram images, patients underwent selective localized tenonplasty to cover the identified ischemic areas(More)
Background: Drug abuse could cause complications; infection and overdose are the most prevalent of them. Unreliable history of addicted patients also makes the diagnosis difficult and leads to delayed treatment and poor prognosis. Early recognition and prompt treatment are required to minimize the destructive damage. To our knowledge, there is not any(More)