Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti

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The Resource Description Framework (RDF) and SPARQL query language are gaining wide popularity and acceptance. In this paper, we present DREAM, a distributed and adaptive RDF system. As opposed to existing RDF systems, DREAM avoids partitioning RDF datasets and partitions only SPARQL queries. By not partitioning datasets, DREAM offers a general paradigm for(More)
Graph is a fundamental data structure that captures relationships between different data entities. In practice, graphs are widely used for modeling complicated data in different application domains such as social networks, protein networks, transportation networks, bibliographical networks, knowledge bases and many more. Currently, graphs with millions and(More)
process analytics concepts and techniques for querying and process analytics concepts and techniques for querying and process analytics rd.springer [pub.89] download process analytics: concepts and free ebooks process analytics concepts and techniques for process analytics concepts and techniques for querying and concepts and techniques for querying and(More)
Information Extraction (IE) is the task of automatically extracting structured information from unstructured/semi-structured machine-readable documents. Among various IE tasks, extracting actionable intelligence from ever-increasing amount of data depends critically upon Cross-Document Coreference Resolution (CDCR) the task of identifying entity mentions(More)
Provenance refers to the documentation of an object’s lifecycle. This documentation (often represented as a graph) should include all the information necessary to reproduce a certain piece of data or the process that led to it. In a dynamic world, as data changes, it is important to be able to get a piece of data as it was, and its provenance graph, at a(More)
Grid computing is a type of parallel and distributed system that provides the possibility of sharing, choosing and collecting the autonomous resources (such as computer, software, databases, and equipments) that are distributed geographically. Resource discovery is one of the key subjects in distributed systems and especially Grids. We should consider that(More)