Seyed Mehdi Nasehi

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Programmers learning how to use an API or a programming language often rely on code examples to support their learning activities. However, what makes for an effective ode example remains an open question. Finding the haracteristics of the effective examples is essential in improving the appropriateness of these learning aids. To help answer this question(More)
Patch review is the basic mechanism for validating the design and implementation of patches and maintaining consistency in some commercial and Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects. We examine the inner-workings of the development process of the successful and mature Mozilla foundation and highlight how different parties involved affect and steer(More)
This study aims to find out if API unit tests can provide good usage examples, and if so, what prevents developers from finding and using those examples. The results of an experiment we performed with two groups of developers showed that unit tests can be very helpful, especially when the task is complicated and involves multiple classes and methods.(More)
Programming is a non.ending problem.solving adventure. Whether a bug needs to be fixed, a new feature needs to be added, the design of some working code needs to be enhanced, or a legacy system needs to be changed, programmers are seeking different sources of information to get some advice on how to accomplish these tasks. Code examples can come to their(More)
Test-driven reuse (TDR) proposes to find reusable source code through the provision of test cases describing the functionality of interest to a developer. The vocabulary and design of the interface of the function under test is used as the basis of selecting potentially relevant candidate functions to be tested. This approach requires that the searcher(More)
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