Seyed Mehdi Moghadas

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Presence of foreign substances in medical liquids can make serious problems for both patients and companies. To avoid these problems, there is a vast need of an automatic process to identify the bottles with foreign substances. In this paper, a new method is proposed to detect and classify the foreign substances in medicine bottles and vials based on(More)
Much effort has been devoted to assess disease risk based on large-scale protein-protein network and genotype-phenotype associations. However, the challenge of risk prediction for complex diseases remains unaddressed. Here, we propose a framework to quantify the risk based on a Voronoi tessellation network analysis, taking into account the disease(More)
— In this paper we proposed a new framework for obtaining the spongy and cortical bones from the MRI data. The method focuses on the accurate extraction of the edges of the target tissues, which is the main drawback of the previous works. This framework first limits the searching area for the bone voxels from the whole data to a small strip around the edges(More)
A new quantization method is proposed in this paper. This method is useful for enhancement of compression quality when each kind of neural network is used to compress the image. By quantizing the image with the proposed method, the numbers of samples which must be reconstructed by neural network is reduced. This causes a remarkable increase in quality of(More)
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