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Most performance evaluation models in operations management literature have assumed that tasks possess standardized completion criteria. However, in many operation systems, particularly in service and professional work, judgment is frequently required to determine when a task is completed. In thin paper, we show that introducing discretion in task(More)
A well-planned and well-executed new product development (NPD) process, which produces a stream of timely and high quality products, can provide significant competitive advantage to a company. Focusing on product quality as a key measure of NPD performance, we examine the impact of technical and organizational factors on a vehicle development process. Our(More)
This paper models and analyzes serial production lines with specialists at each station and a single, cross-trained ßoating worker who can work at any station. We formulate Markov decision process models of two and three station production lines in which (1) workers do not collaborate on the same job, (2) two workers can work at the same task/workstation on(More)
We study the impact of yield uncertainty (supply side) and self-interested consumers (demand side) on the inefficiency in the influenza vaccine supply chain. Previous economic studies, focusing on demand side, find that the equilibrium demand is always less than the socially optimal demand since self-interested individuals do not internalize the social(More)
We consider processing and shipment scheduling of a batch of size M jobs on a flexible (multifunctional) machine. All jobs in the batch require the same sequence of N operations on the machine. Costs are incurred in the forms of holding costs of jobs waiting for the next operation, setup costs whenever the machine is set up for a new operation, and shipment(More)